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Guestbook for U2 limited edition prints
7.Gary Geberle(non-registered)
wish I was at the show in Montreal...originally from there....fab work Peter, you know how to capture the moment!
6.Anna M Gloria(non-registered)
Win Win Win
5.Anna M Villanueva(non-registered)
I want win (:
4.Peter Rowen Photography
Sure... Number 2 was shot in Paris at the Stade de France, Number 3 was shot in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico, Number 4 was shot in Montreal at the Montreal Hippodrome, Number 5 was also Montreal, Number 6 was shot in Paris and Number 7 in Rome.
My apologies, I think I have just seen the answer to my question below. this info was not visible to me until I posted my earlier question. Looks like #5 is from Montreal.
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